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Exeter Municipal Charities was founded some 900 years ago. Their original purpose, which is unchanged today, was to provide accommodation for people who felt unable to remain in their own homes by reason of failing health or reduced circumstances.

The people who run the Charity are known as Trustees who are recruited locally from people of experience, who give their services free on behalf of the community.

Almshouses Today

A Rich History

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While many of us may be aware of the many ancient and fine almshouse buildings dotted all over the country, few perhaps realise how vibrant and progressive the almshouse movement is today, not least in the City of Exeter.

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The original charity was that of St. Mary Magdalen, foundation unknown, but believed to be early 11th century.

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The trustee board are always grateful to receive, donations and legacies and discuss the founding of eponymous almshouses with benefactions to create lasting legacies.

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Registered Charity No.201530

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